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German courses in Germany – 10 German language schools

You would like to learn German directly in Germany? Then you can attend a German course in one of our language school. Learn German in Germany: German Course in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Freising, Ingolstadt , Nürnberg, Hamburg, Augsburg, Düsseldorf and Regensburg

Lear German in Germany: Munich, Berlin Frankfurt, Hamburg, Regensburg, Frankfurt…

Choose one of the most beautiful cities in the country and sign up for a German course in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Augsburg, Dusseldorf, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Ingolstadt or Freising. The language schools Sprachschule Aktiv are specialized in German courses and offer a pleasant learning environment in manageable groups. You have to convince yourself that the Sprachschule Aktiv offers the best conditions for you to learn German.

German courses from 279 per month

Incredible price! German courses from 279 €. Daily classes the whole month from Monday to Friday- 4 weeks of German intensive classes. German courses in small groups and with experienced native speakers.

German classes in Germany for beginners and advanced- from A1 to C2

The language school Sprachschule Aktiv stands for its versatility in language teaching. Here is the ideal level of performance for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced from A1 to C2, there is the right German course for everyone. The language teachers care about the individual participants and can thus help to learn the German language quickly and correctly.

Are you looking for a recognised German School to learn German in Germany?

You would like to take a degree course in Germany and need to learn German? Then you are at the right place with Sprachschule Aktiv. Here you will be offered special and recognized German courses, such as the Test-DaF preparatory courses or the Telc Test Deutsch as a foreign language. With these courses you will be able to study in Germany.

Nationwide language courses for German with free trial lesson and a Money-back guarantee

The language school Sprachschule Aktiv is located at several places throughout Germany. Each new customer is offered a trial lesson, which is free of charge. There is also a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your class.

Intensive German Course in Germany

With the intensive German language courses in Germany the German language can be learned quickly and correctly. These courses are particularly suitable for studying and for preparing the test DaF. The courses are divided according to the level of performance (beginners and advanced from A1 to C2) and are also offered as summer courses.

Learning German in small groups

The German courses in the language school Sprachschule Aktiv take place with a limited number of participants. To respond even more intensively to the individual needs of the participants, there is a maximum of ten participants per language course. This will create a friendly and cosy atmosphere.

Study in Germany

You want to study in Germany? Then you surely have to pass a German language exam before applying. Then you can prepare your application file.

German courses in Germany with accommodation

If you have decided to register in one our language schools in Germany, we will help you finding a suitable accommodation such as student dorms shared-flats or guest families.

German course and visa for Germany

You want to learn German in Germany and need a visa for this? Again, the language school Sprachschule Aktiv stands by your side and helps you to apply for a visa for your stay in Germany. With our recognized language courses for the German language in Germany it will certainly not be a problem to get a visa to learn German.

Placement Test and Trial Lesson – Free and Nonbinding

The cost of our courses are calculated to give you the best possible price. A one month German Semi-Intensive Course, for example, costs only 279 Euros. You won’t find cheaper language lessons from qualified native speakers anywhere else in Germany. On top of that, you can benefit from our nonbinding Placement Test and free Trial Lesson: If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied after your first lesson with us, we can cancel your registration and even refund anything that you might already have paid for your German course.

Your German Course with us: Improve your Vocabulary, Grammar and Conversation

The foundations that our German courses are built upon are vocabulary and grammar training – which is achieved with lively and diverse listening exercises – and conversation. All of our German courses are taught completely in German so that you learn continuously and naturally. However, unlike in some other language schools, our students are not left out or intimidated by the ‘German only‘ principle.

Our German teachers are understanding and more than happy to give you the occasional explanation in English or another foreign language if you don’t understand something. This means that questions can be resolved quickly to guarantee a relaxed, comfortable learning environment.

A Language Holiday to Germany – a unique experience

Nowhere will you learn a language as well and as quickly as in the country oft he language itself. Here you can not only learn the language, but you are also presented with countless opportunities to practice it. For young people, travelling abroad to learn a new language in an inspiring experience: They can get to know the German culture, meet new friends and grow more independent. If this interests you, get in touch with us! We can also offer accommodation for Language Holidays, such as with a host family in Germany.
Learning German isn’t easy, but with the right course and a nice, talented teacher, it can be a lot of fun! Contact us today to organise a German course and start your journey to success with Sprachschule Aktiv!