Learn German in Germany: German Course in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Freising, Ingolstadt and Regensburg

Do you want to attend a German course in Germany? With Sprachschule Aktiv you can learn German from qualified native speakers – intensive, flexible and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Are you a student looking for a language learning holiday in Germany? Are you looking for a preparation course for a language proficiency exam, such as TestDaF, DSH or a university entrance exam? Do you want to learn German to improve your career prospects?

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn German and regardless of any previous knowledge, we are your best choice when it comes to learning German in Germany. Our language school has branches in Munich, Frankfurt, Freising, Ingostadt, Berlin, Hamburg and many other German cities. We offer a free trial lesson on all of our courses, as well as affordable prices. We are already looking forward to your visit!

German Courses in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Regensburg, Ingolstadt and the rest of Germany

Sprachschule Aktiv is located in the biggest German cities: We have branches in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne, but also in smaller cities such as Ingostadt and Freising. Furthermore, we have a large network of freelance teachers all across Germany. This means we can offer private lessons in German, English or other languages wherever you are; our teachers can even come to your home or workplace!

We offer German courses for every ability and every need

We offer a huge range of German courses. It doesn’t matter if you have any previous knowledge or not, how quickly or slowly you might want to learn or how much time you want to invest in learning German – we promise to find the perfect German course for you.

German for Beginners (A1, A2), Intermediate (B1, B2) and Advanced Learners (C1, C2)

Sprachschule Aktiv is a certified educational institution run in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages For this reason, we offer courses for all levels, from beginners (A1) right up to experts (C2). Do you already have experience learning German but not know which language level is right for you? No problem! We can determine your language level with our free, no-commitment language placement test. Based on the results of this short exercise we can work together to find you a German course which fits your level and schedule.

A quick preparation course for an exam, an evening course or a private lesson?

Do you want to get ready for the TestDaF or DSH as quickly as possible? Do you want to improve your German quickly to pass your university admissions test? If so, a German Intensive Course, which runs for 20 hours per week, is the right course for you. With a German Course from Sprachschule Aktiv you can learn and practice German grammar and broaden your vocabulary. Our Intensive Courses run in small groups to ensure that every student gets the opportunity to speak German.

Do you work full time and have no time for 20 hours worth of lesson each week? If so, maybe a Semi-Intensive Course, which runs for 10 hours per week, or a Group Course, which runs fort wo hours per week, is a better fit for you. Or you can choose our most efficient and flexible option, a German Private Course, which can be tailored specifically to fit your needs. Our qualified teachers are happy to meet you for lessons at one of our schools, at your workplace or even in the comfort of your own home.

Placement Test and Trial Lesson – Free and Nonbinding

The cost of our courses are calculated to give you the best possible price. A one month German Semi-Intensive Course, for example, costs only 279 Euros. You won’t find cheaper language lessons from qualified native speakers anywhere else in Germany. On top of that, you can benefit from our nonbinding Placement Test and free Trial Lesson: If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied after your first lesson with us, we can cancel your registration and even refund anything that you might already have paid for your German course.

Your German Course with us: Improve your Vocabulary, Grammar and Conversation

The foundations that our German courses are built upon are vocabulary and grammar training – which is achieved with lively and diverse listening exercises – and conversation. All of our German courses are taught completely in German so that you learn continuously and naturally. However, unlike in some other language schools, our students are not left out or intimidated by the ‘German only‘ principle.

Our German teachers are understanding and more than happy to give you the occasional explanation in English or another foreign language if you don’t understand something. This means that questions can be resolved quickly to guarantee a relaxed, comfortable learning environment.

A Language Holiday to Germany – a unique experience

Nowhere will you learn a language as well and as quickly as in the country oft he language itself. Here you can not only learn the language, but you are also presented with countless opportunities to practice it. For young people, travelling abroad to learn a new language in an inspiring experience: They can get to know the German culture, meet new friends and grow more independent. If this interests you, get in touch with us! We can also offer accommodation for Language Holidays, such as with a host family in Germany.

Learning German isn’t easy, but with the right course and a nice, talented teacher, it can be a lot of fun! Contact us today to organise a German course and start your journey to success with Sprachschule Aktiv!